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Crocheted Angry Bird Giveaway (Amigurumi)

Submitted by on June 28, 2011 – 9:46 pm46 Comments

I have crocheted a full set of Angry Birds, I think I’m going to enter them in the State Fair of Texas.  Crocheting animals and other things like this is called Amigurumi.

Angry Birds Amigrumi SetThe State Fair isn’t until Sept/Oct — somewhere in there, so I have time. I’ve decided that I’m going to give one of these babies away just for fun. The winner gets to choose 1 Angry Bird of their choice from those shown above. I’ll send it out to you Priority Mail and you can have fun throwing it at people.

Here are each of the birds close up…

Yellow Angry Bird #2

Yellow Angry Bird #1

Angry Bird # 1 — the Yellow, Kind of Squared Off Angry Bird. This is the one that when you “pop” him he goes really fast all of a sudden.

White Angry Bird #1

White Angry Bird #2

Angry Bird #2, the White Angry Bird — the Egg Layer. This guy has a “pocket” in the bottom of him that allows you to kind of push the egg in, then when he is flying, you can squeeze him and he lays the “Egg Bomb”.

Next, I made the Black BOMB bird. He’s pretty cool.  He’s Angry Bird #3.

Bomb Bird

Then the RED Angry Bird, AKA Angry Bird #4….

Red Angry Bird

Then I made a set of the little Blue Birds. If you pick this one, you only get ONE of the blue birds, not all 3 of them.  One of the Tiny Blue Birds is going to be called Angry Bird #5.

Tiny Blue Angry Bird

Tiny Blue Angry Birds, 2 of them

I also went ahead and made 1 Green Pig.  This would be Angry Bird #6, even though it’s not a bird really.

Green Pig from Angry Birds


The Contest will go for 1 week, from tonight (June 28th) until Midnight CST July 5th, 2011.  Winner will be announced on July 6th.  To enter, simply post a comment on my blog in response to this article stating why you think you should be the one to get to pick one of the Angry Birds or the Pig, something like “I want Angry Bird #2, and I should win just because I’m so cool” is fine,…whatever you want….any comment gets you an entry. Please also say which bird you think is the coolest, it doesn’t have to be the one you would choose, just which one you like right now the best.  If you make a ton of repeat comments I won’t count all of them, just FYI. Please try to keep it to no more than 1-2 a day, and keep each original.  At the end of the timeframe, I’ll see how many comments there are, then use a random number generator to pick the winner. Absolutely, it will be random. I’ll announce the winner here and email you to get your address to send you your bird. That’s it.

Oh, and this is not a private contest, so share the info with your friends. I do not expect or have to know the winner personally. Whoever is the holder of the random # post wins, period.

One thing to note — I get a lot of spam comments on this site, so, new comments have to be approved to show up. Once I have approved you, your comments will show up immediately. I will go in and approve comments a few times a day. Until then, your comment may be in a queue, please just be patient, it is there.

Good Luck!!!!


Update. There were 46 comments. I used the Random Number Generator at Random.Org to generate the number, and the winner is comment #15, Anne.

oh, I think I should learn how to make my own, because I want them all! heehee. I like angry bird #4 to throw at my favorite peeps!

I’ll be sending you an email and then will mail you the angry bird of your choice!


  • nicole says:

    my kids love to steal my phone and play angry birds. I would choose #3 since its their fave!!

  • Kathy Powers says:

    The Bomb Bird is the bomb!!

  • Ray Kru says:

    My daughter loves Pigs especially green ones. #6!

  • Barbara Corry says:

    I want to win Bird # 2 .She is is cool because she can drop eggs on the pig!

  • Stephanie says:

    I like the little baby blues because they don’t look as angry yet.

  • Mosch says:

    I have a fan who’s looking to outfit their flat in London with one of the blue ones.

  • Heather MacNeil says:

    I would take angry bird #5 for my nephew. He is absolutely addicted to the game and plays it any iPhone/iPod touch he can get his hands on. Also had to install it on their PC.

    Great work on the birds and pig

  • Keelie says:

    I like the White Bird (#2)because of the way he lays an egg then launches, You can hit things twice if you do it just right!

  • Melanie says:

    I’m torn between the red angry bird and the green pig. ALL of them came out incredibly. You did a fantastic job.

    If I were to win one of these I would give it to my coworker. She is pregnant… due in October. The bird/pig would look fabulous in the new nursery.

    Good luck at the fair!!

  • Barbara Corry says:

    I like the Yellow Angry Bird. This one goes fast when you tap him andgets the green pigs in hiding.

  • Barbara Corry says:

    I need to get a few green pigs to hide around my place so the Angry birds will have a hard time finding all of them.

  • Alan Litt says:

    I want Angry Bird # 1 because I LOVE IT, and yellow is my fave color and it looks like me in the morning and I know you and this will make a great conversation piece and did I mention I Love It!!!!
    Gimme the bird Mindy!!!!!

  • Leah Joubert says:

    I want the blue twin angry birds because I always thought I’d have twins! My father is a fraternal twin, and his younger sisters are identical. I thought the odds were in my favor. While I was blessed with two beautiful, healthy children, I did not have the twins I always expected to have. These birds could be my twins! 😉

  • Cindy Ault says:

    My favorite bird is the red bird…but I would like to win the white bird, angry bird #2, because how cool is that? It comes with an egg!
    Which did you crochet first?

  • Anne says:

    oh, I think I should learn how to make my own, because I want them all! heehee. I like angry bird #4 to throw at my favorite peeps!

  • Amelie Tomlin says:

    I always love to follow what you do on facebook
    Here is what my kids say about the angry birds.

    Noah, 4yrs old: “Let me ask my (imaginary) friend Scratch.. yes, he wants the blue one because it is my favorite color!”

    Isabelle, 2.5yrs old: “They scare me, but I like the green pig!”

  • Amelie says:

    I always love to follow what you do on facebook =)
    Here is what my kids say about the angry birds.

    Noah, 4yrs old: “Let me ask my (imaginary) friend Scratch.. yes, he wants the blue one because it is my favorite color!”

    Isabelle, 2.5yrs old: “They scare me, but I like the gree pig!”

  • Stephanie Teetes says:

    Bluebirds smilin’ at me…nothing but bluebirds do I see.

  • Barbara Corry says:

    Black BOMB is one amazing bird. You can imagine throwing him at someone to erase all the bad things they are saying or thinking about you. You can just smile as you do it because the Black Bomb IS taKING CARE OF EVERYTHING! I think everyone needs a Black Bomb bird.

  • Shawna says:

    My fav is the angry bird #4 because I need something to throw at Eric when he makes me mad (just kidding-he never makes me mad! LOL, I’m a lucky girl!!!). It would be great to have a “Mindy Original” in our home!

  • Barbara Corry says:

    The Red Angry bird reminds me of a male Cardinal..always trying to get into something but he never messes up his feathers..I would like an Angry red bird for a pet..

  • daniel corry says:

    I want one of them all !!!! you are very talented !!!!…Btw if I won I wouldn’t throw them at anyone …I would put them on a shelf and tell everyone how this lady named mindy from texas handmade them …(:

  • BILL CORRY says:

    If I got angry bird #4, I PROMISE I would NEVER let Indy or Dusty play with it. Seriously, NEVER. Not even a little bit. EVEN if they both rolled over sat and spoke all at the same time, maybe….

  • Barbara Corry says:

    The green pig has to have brothers or sisters somewhere.I think they hide just so the angry birds cant smash them all. I dont need a green pig but if I win I’d pick an Angry bird.

  • Amanda says:

    These are so well done! I think the white bird is the most fantastic idea I’ve seen yet… I’d get one for my husband to get him off the game for a bit!

  • Barbara Corry says:

    Little blue baby bird needs a home. I will give him a home.

  • Tammy Smith says:

    I think I should win an angry bird bcuz i’ve been a fan since it came out. Also, I don’t care which one I win bcuz they are all works of art. It must take like…DAYS to make one by hand and I have no talent in that arena. Also, Mindy is a suPURB artTIST in knitting, crotcheting, and singing. There. Ouila.

  • Tammy Smith says:

    OKAY, so my friend handmade these “Angry Birds” and tomorrow is the last day to enter to win one. They are handamde, crocheted by hand and are works of art that I for one, cannot duplicate. So get in the game if you can….. ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth Fesmire says:

    I just want to tell you that I think all of the birds are cool!! You did such a great job crocheting them and I can’t wait to see the blue ribbon you’re gonna win at the state fair!

  • Chris Mosch says:

    lets try one more time for an international roost for the blue bird…

  • Torri says:

    Those are all so cute! You should definitely enter them into the fair!

  • Matteo Watkins says:

    I don’t know what an angry bird is… I know I give the bird sometimes when I am angry…but that’s a different story. My youngest son Oliver however knows all about angry birds and when he saw the photos when I was FB’ing, he was quite excited about it…so, I figure I should at least take a shot at winnning a bird for him… so, wish me luck y’all. If I win I promise to pick a small bird to keep the international shipping costs to a minimum.

  • frances says:

    I would like any of your angry birds because they are just what I need to keep my cool in the classroom. No one is going to give me any lip when they walk in and see Angry Bird ruling the roost!

  • Maddie Powers says:

    The Red Angry Bird is a force of destruction! I NEED this bird because I have a brother that drives me crazy! The Red Bird would help me on my quest for world domination!!!

  • Kathy Powers says:

    The Bomb Bird would help Maddie on her quest to take over the world!

  • Cole Powers says:

    I think the Red Angry Bird is the perfect weapon against my sister! Or I could join her quest for world domination!

  • Maddie Powers says:

    The Big Red Angry Bird is the bomb diggity!!! He could help me with world peace!!! Even though he does cause mass destruction, instead of eliminating good people he will eliminate all the bad people in the world!!

  • Barbara Corry says:

    All of these birds together make a colorful flock >>>>>..<<<<

  • Cariol Maclaskey says:

    Any of them would be awesome since my hubby has beat the game 2 times and even updated and it added more which he beat, now he’s going back thru earning 3 stars on each!! INTERVENTION TIME!

  • Carol Maclaskey says:

    Im not Cariol nor was Cariol. Typo!! Makes me wanna throw something, like a green pig? Drop an egg, oh who cares what I throw! Hubby would probably sleep with it!

  • David Maclaskey says:

    I like em blue, like my eyes!

  • Sean Maclaskey says:

    Yellow birds cause they haul ars like I do on a bmx bike!

  • Black bird blows up, he IS the bomb! Not to mention my wife can’t crochet!

  • Shane Maclaskey says:

    I like them all but Red bird will work, just sayin!

  • Green Pig just because you made them!

  • frances says:

    Kidnappers will accept bird as payment in exchange for my freedom. Please send asap.